A very short, British girl trying to wriggle herself into the writing world.

This is me …in more interesting times.

My Story

What can ancient work teach modern writers?

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What is ‘Fuck-it ‘ writing, and how it will keep you sane?

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1. You have no other choice.

Are all writers doomed to suffer?

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“I write best when I am either falling in love, or falling apart.” — Rudy Francisco

What can your dog teach you about positivity?

Image by Helena Sushitskaya from Pixabay

Why writers should stop mistaking high statistics for happiness.

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When self-improvement turns into a superiority complex

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The key to getting regular engagement from followers who care about what you write.

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An exploration into sexism and the beginning of eating disorders.

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Olivia Petris

Novelist, computer scientist and cockapoo owner. When I'm not on the computer, you will find me in the back of a bookshop that nobody's heard of.

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