Olivia Petris

A very short, British girl trying to wriggle herself into the writing world.

Hello Medium Reader! My name’s Olivia (or Liv for short, if we’re being friendly), and I’m a part time writer, part time Computer Scientist. This my first plunge into the online writing world and — in true Olivia fashion — I’m both terrified and elated.

My Story

I grew up in a…

What can ancient work teach modern writers?

Four thousand years ago in ancient Mesopotamia, a high priestess of Sumer sat down to write the first piece of authored work in history. Enheduanna’s poetry was the first spark in a writing revolution that developed writing into the art form we know today, pulling it away from its practical…

Why writers should stop mistaking high statistics for happiness.

After listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s viral TED Talk yesterday, I realised two things about myself. Firstly, I want nothing more than for my writing to be successful. Secondly, I fear nothing more than my writing becoming successful.

It sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? But look beyond the dream of ‘going viral’…

The key to getting regular engagement from followers who care about what you write.

Creativity comes with responsibility — especially when it comes to writing. There’s an expectation that readers who come across your work should finish it knowing more than they did before, and that they should feel fulfilled by your writing. As a writer, this is a hard expectation to fulfil consistently…

Olivia Petris

Novelist, computer scientist and cockapoo owner. When I'm not on the computer, you will find me in the back of a bookshop that nobody's heard of.

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